• preparando el desayuno, 2021;
    food imprints on paper made with spirulina, turmeric and hibiscus powders and video                          18 in. w x 24 in. l and 00:02:50 min.                                                                       part of what’s cookin’ group exhibition juried by greg flood at the palo alto art center in palo alto,ca; june 22 - august 18, 2024

  • nochtli ‘iyari (diptych), 2022;
    8 in. w x 10 in. l                                                                                           part of painting at night group exhibition curated by sean desiree and alisa sikelianos-carter at opalka gallery in collaboration with collarworks and artist/mother podcast in albany, ny; september 03 - october 12, 2024